about us

Architecture Continuous is a Bangalore based group of architects, designers, engineer’s builders and thinkers working within the fields of Architecture, Interior Design and Research and Development.​The office is currently involved in a large number of diversified projects throughout India and abroad that include Residential Homes, Group Housing, Hospitality, Commercial, Institutional and Public Spaces.

​We care deeply about what we do and relish the involvement in the design and execution of each project. Our firm is defined by creativity, commitment, high energy and a true team spirit continuously striving to become better and better at what we do.​We look at architecture as a quest to define the environments that induce the most appropriate experience to the people in response to the matrix of pragmatic concerns interwoven with sensibilities.Programmatic requirements, the site conditions, climate, culture, life style, economics, technical feasibility form the matrix of Pragmatic concerns and the aesthetics form the sensibility. ​We participate and contribute towards the well being of our clients, our culture and environment.​We strive towards leaving a positive legacy for the future generations because we believe architecture is a process of designing the future.