Why Open Studio?

Architecture and design is a very powerful medium of expression and a tool to be used with great humility. No architecture can exist in isolation without a context and is unquestionably an extension of the ideas, thought processes, challenges, perceptions of the designer and the society in which it takes birth.

It’s extremely important for a designer to be sensitive and responsible while thinking about the design process. While academic erudition, books, social media exposes the design students and young architects to the speculative and notional  side of the subject, they would definitely benefit from a structured platform that is meant to develop a better understanding of the pragmatic side of design, materials and processes and their responses. The intent of these hands-on training design workshop is to elicit conscientious thinking.


What is Open Studio?

Open studio is a thinking pad whose purpose is to trigger design thinking for a better world and a better tomorrow. It is an arena to explore, learn, unlearn, experience, and discover the world of design. Its intent is to sensitise young designers to craft responsive and responsible architecture. The workshop staff with their vast expertise and experience in this domain encourage and support design students, groups, design colleges and communities to reflect and design in the real world, for the real world.


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