Mobius Home

Architects: Architecture Continuous

Location: Bangalore

The infiniteness and the paradox of a mobius is revealed in this interesting building façade which primarily took shape as a conscious effort to conserve the meandering tree branches in the neighbourhood. The visual connection between the outside greens and the indoors were maintained by the glass façade which also brings in plenty of daylight-one of the cheapest, easiest and the most beautiful natural elements. This is further heightened by an exciting design vocabulary that includes sun kissed double height courtyard garden along with multiple other skylights. The open plan layout with minimum walls, the window openings, their size, position and clearstory ventilation facilitate the stack effect creating a healthy, breathing and a lively comfortable home.


The infinity and paradox of a simplified Mobius form without a twist

May flower plant soaring high in the sun kissed courtyard

Enjoy movies at the comfort of your home with the family

skylights bringing in daylight

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